December 2015:

It has been a good year for Fenny, below is her latest letter



Get much greetings from Fenny Omondi, I appreciate you for what you have done to I and my sister. May the Almighty God continue to bless you for what you have done for us. I also appreciate you because you have made me to be seen like the way I am now. And I can be like the daughter of a human being. The reason why I talk this is because this year I have seen it as a different year to me in all other years. I have not strained this year looking for school fees and you are the one who has paid for to me a school fee. I congratulate you. There is no person that can do what you have done for us I only beg you that you continue to have that heart. Don’t return back. You have paid for our school uniforms, shoes, books for each other. I really appreciate you and I am still appreciating because I can look healthy not like an orphan, I am now proud because you and Maurine you are my parents but I beg you that don’t leave on the way.

Please may God Bless you.

Fenny Omondi/Molly Akinyi

Phenny's Story

Phenny is Molly’s older sister she is the fifth of the six children of that family. Her mum died when she was 3 years old and like Molly she is HIV infected. Since her childhood, Phenny has grown up with a skin condition similar to acne.

“When I was four years old and my sister Molly 1 year old, we used to be always sickly. My Aunt kept on giving us painkillers from the shop because she could not afford to take both of us to hospital. I got this skin condition that makes me look really bad. It sometimes gives me a burning sensation. Initially my teachers would ask me to go back home because they thought it was infectious. We are many children and my Aunt is not working. We sometimes don’t get food but we always get medicine because it is free of charge in hospital. My age mates are far ahead of me academically because I am off and on school. I don’t like the scar on my face; it makes everyone look at me strangely. I don’t like HIV” said Phenny.

“My sister and I need food, school uniform and shoes. I also want someone to support me so that the scar on my face can be healed. I feel uncomfortable when people stare at me with fear. Mothers should be supported so that their children are not born with HIV. Teachers should not fear us. They should support us. They should not send us home because we look sick. Our friends should not laugh at us. They should encourage us. ”

Like her sister Molly, Phenny was out of school due to school fees arrears. Phenny has self-esteem issues and her performance in school is not very good.



We have paid for extra tuition beyond normal school days to support her because she needs help in certain subjects. We also paid for her lunch program. Though she did not meet the pass mark, she has been promoted to class 5. We will need to keep encouraging her.


Phenny will not only need formal education but also psychosocial support because she suffers from lack of confidence. We discussed this with her teachers to make arrangements for Phenny to be counselled and they agreed. She will also require books and fees.



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