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Molly, 13 years,  is in the 6th Grade of Primary School. She was orphaned young.   Molly was 3 years old when her mother died of AIDS related illness and left 6 of them. 

The family was separated as different relatives took the other siblings with them after their parent’s deaths.  Molly and her sister were taken by their aunt who lives with them to date.

Molly had stayed out of school for 1 year when Lean on Me met her.  She has now benefited from school uniform, books and school fees for 3 years.


Phenny is 15 years old.  She is a sister to Molly (above).  We had to change schools for Phenny.  We moved her from Manyatta Arabs Primary School to Kanyamony Primary School. This was because the previous school has a lot of stigma and she could not stand the rejection any more. 

She says at Kanyamony primary school other pupils do not know her HIV status and therefore do not tease her.   Phenny has been a beneficiary of this project for 3 years.


Lavine is in her final year in primary school.  Her mother died of AIDS related complications when she was still a young child and therefore she lives with her stepmother.  On this day we had made a home visit because Lavine lately has been unwell.  She is off and on hospital.  On this day we found her hungry and tired and provided her with nutritional support and our counsellor has been doing close follow-up to ensure she gets better.  We paid her school fees, bough school uniform and books.




Valentine is in her last year of primary school.  She and her sister were orphaned while they were young and are living with their grandmother in a market in very difficult conditions.  Lean on Me paid her school fees and school uniforms and bought her books.  She has promised to work hard to qualify to go to a good secondary school.


Sharon is 17 years old. She is in the third year of her secondary education.  Sharon’s dad refused to pay her school fees and she was forced to quit school and do domestic work.  When she was introduced to Lean on Me Sharon’s mum said while she was unemployed, Sharon’s dad refused to pay school fees because he is not her biological dad.  Sharon benefited from school uniform, shoes and books.  This is the 3rd year since she joined the education program.



Mitchelle, 14 years,  is the first child among 2 siblings.  Mitchelle and her brother Bob are both HIV positive.  At the time of meeting them their mum was bedridden and their dad had to stay home to take care of the mum so they dropped out of school because he could not afford to go to schools.  They were referred to Lean on Me by a community health worker. Mitchelle benefitted from school uniform, books and school fees.   She is in the 7th grade.


Bob is 9 years old.  He is Mitchelle  (above) brother.  He is in the 3rd grade of primary school.  Like his sister he could not go to school because his dad had no money and had been forced to stay at home to take care of his bedridden mother.  Bob too benefited from school uniforms, books and school fees.

Merceline and Gloria

Merceline and Gloria are 8 and 7 years old respectively.  They go to Alpha Omega Educational Centre.  Both their parents have a lot of stigma and it was a challenge convincing them to ensure the girls get a good level of education and good health. We also bought them the school uniforms they are wearing, books and paid their school fees.   This was their first year of support.



Leads to Independence,

Security and Empowerment


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