Cate's Story

Catherine is 16 and was born to a family of 4. They were three siblings to a single mother. Her two siblings however died from complications due to HIV when they were still young making her the only surviving child to her mother. Like her siblings Catherine was infected at birth and has been living with her aunt for most of her childhood due to her mum’s poor health.


Catherine started her primary education before she dropped out of school in standard six due to lack of school fees. Her guardian was unable to pay for the required fees for tuition and school uniform. When she dropped out of school Catherine started working as a domestic worker before she met a good Samaritan who paid for her back to school.


The support did not last for long as her sponsor was unable to continue providing the money. The school allowed her to sit for her final primary school examination on condition that she will clear the school fees arrears before she picks her certificates.


“I have never gone back to my school nor tried to raise the required balance because even if I pick the certificate and I don’t get an opportunity to go to high school then it is all in vain. I however long so much to go back to school and I have trust in God that one day I will.”


Catherine currently lives with her mother. She has been out of school for one year.




We paid the arrears and got her attend private coaching in the same school to prepare her for secondary school intake come next year. We were also able to secure her a chance at Secondary School in Kisumu but she will have to go through an interview in January before she is admitted.


We bought Catherine books and school shoes and a bag. We wait for the interview results to know how much will be required once she joins secondary school.



Leads to Independence,

Security and Empowerment


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