December 2015:


Molly's letter to her sponsor



Get much greetings from I Mollyne Akinyi when hoping that you are fine. I thank for what you have done to me. May the grace of our Lord be with you. You have removed me from far away I was looking like a street girl. Because I had known no forward or backwards. But now I have see the difference and you are the one have made me to be proud because you have paid for me all payment in school, you have bought me uniform, shoes and school bag. May God Bless you and you may continue with such habit don’t loose hope. Because you have given me hope even at school I am working hard to pass and to manage success. I know that I have my dad and mum and you are them but I beg you that don’t leave me on the way, the way you have started with me. Please I beg you may God Bless  forever and ever.

Yours sincerely,

Mollyne Akinyi

Molly's Story

Molly lives with her aunt at Bandani slums in Kisumu. Molly’s mum succumbed to HIV related complications when she was 3 months old. Molly was infected with HIV at birth. Molly’s life has not been an easy one. Before she was diagnosed with HIV she used to fall ill off and missed a lot of school. It is after a recommendation from the doctor that her aunt decided to take Molly and 5 of her siblings for HIV testing. Two of them tested positive to HIV.


“I hate medicine. Especially when I have to take it on an empty stomach, it makes me feel dizzy. I am always sent out of school due to school fees. I cannot perform well. Other children laugh at me because my uniform is torn. I keep getting in trouble with the teachers because I don’t have proper school shoes.” said Molly in one of the support group meetings at Lean on Me.


“I like my aunt but she struggles a lot with my sister Phenny and I. I know she would wish to buy both of us school uniforms and shoes and ensure we eat something before we take medicine but she cannot afford it. I never knew my mother but my Aunt showed me a photo of her. I like praying. I pray every day that God will enable me to complete my education. I also pray for Lean on Me because if they close down we will not have any safe space to discuss our issues. I want to study so hard and go abroad.”


Molly had accrued 2 year’s school fees arrears and the school could not allow her to attend classes anymore. She is however a very intelligent and promising girl that when given an opportunity she can reverse the cycle of poverty not only in her family but in the community as well.



We have cleared the balance and paid up all that was required till the end of 2014. Molly’s teachers say she is a bright girl and if well-educated she will achieve so much in life. She has been promoted to standard 5.


We also bought Molly a school uniform, school bag, shoes and books. We also paid for the school lunch program and she was able to have lunch in school.

For the coming school term January 2015, she will require books and school fees.



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